newReversedFlyer 2Plunked down right in the center of Old Town Monrovia on Myrtle Avenue, Resistor Records is an oasis of (mainly) VINYL, CDs, Books and all things musical. They carry a fantastic selection of records, both new and used and in all genres. Rock, Jazz, Country, Folk, Blues and R&B are well represented, Great selection of bargain LPs…you can find classic records for as little as ONE dollar!

Resistor takes SOUND very seriously. They carry their own proprietary bookshelf speakers designed especially for the store by Modern audio. Pair that with an amp or turntable by Pro-Jekt, Audio Techinica or Music Hall and you will have a fine sounding system. Resistor’s goal is to demystify hi-fi… Offer high performance, inexpensive gear that will make sense to a customer either being introduced to a turntable for the first time, or like an old friend coming back to the fold.

For those pressed for space or in an area that can’t be too loud, Resistor carries a nice selection of headphones and headphone amps designed to bring your personal device like an iPod/Phone/Pad or other player to top performance levels. Some turntables, like the Audio-Technica AT LP 120, have a built in phono pre-amp so they can be plugged directly into a a headphone amp or even your computer via USB! There is a headphone bar inside the shop where you can test them out and see for yourself.

Latest Products

  • RON ASHETON Thin Slim & None/Flunkie STAN RIDGWAY Black Diamond